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One of the most well-known detective story authors in the world is Agatha Christie. She is the all-time best-selling female author. She was raised at home by her mother and tutor after being born into an affluent family in 1890. Instead of attending school, she studied at her leisure.

Her best-known work, THE MAN IN THE BROWN SUIT, centers on a murder that occurs in broad daylight. A piece of paper that had dropped from the crime scene was picked up by Anne Beddingfeld after she witnessed an accident at the station. She traveled to several locations in search of the information on this piece of paper, including the United Kingdom and South Africa, and eventually the killer was unintentionally disclosed.

The specifics in the story will pique the curiosity and tension of the reader. Readers can expect surprises as they read Agatha Christie. When reading this detective thriller, readers will be astounded by the sophisticated language and the tension, mystery, intrigue, adventure, and romance.

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